Corporate reputation management

Good reputation is one of the most important business assets. It is essential for gaining the trust of clients, partners, investors, institutions, and it helps attract and keep good employees. Our team has over 20 years of experience in planning and implementation of effective strategies for development of good corporate reputation of leading international and Bulgarian companies. We have provided services to enterprises in business sectors, such as banking and financial services, fast-moving consumer goods, construction, fuel distribution, etc.

Corporate presence in social media

Thanks to features allowing precise targeting and clear feedback, social media became one of the most preferred communication channels. Our team analyzes the client’s business goals and based on this develops effective long-term strategies for “social” communication. Each one of our steps is well planned and generates real engagement. We operate as a point of contact with the audience, answering inquiries received through social media. Also, we serve as a “fire-wall” for preventing and managing crisis situations. We produce video content specialized for social media, managing the entire process – from the idea, through the scenario and the footage plan to the recording and the post-production.

B2B communication

The success of a business and its development are very dependent on effective communication with decision makers. At the same time, their schedules are always full and reaching their mind is very difficult. We succeed in including our clients in the short lists of priority tasks of managers, institutions’ representatives and opinion leaders; because we speak their language and thus we gain their trust.

Public Affairs

Successful communication with governments and other institutions is paramount for many companies and entire economic sectors, which are very dependent on decisions of the public authorities. Our team has many years of experience in working with the state administration and in-depth knowledge of the political environment in Bulgaria. Thus, we support our clients in building bridges of understanding, we develop public campaigns, which have successful impact on the decision-making processes and achieve real results in securing institutional support for large companies and business associations in the country.

Employer Branding

The higher the trust in a management of a company, the greater the motivation and productivity of its most valuable asset – the employees. That trust we achieve through active and precisely targeted communication to current and potential employees. Our team has implemented effective campaigns for building good employer reputation for leading international and Bulgarian companies, including the production of compelling video content and publishing of engaging long-running intra-corporate publications.

Investor Relations

Investors, minority shareholders, bondholders, and other securities holders, debt analysts and rating agencies are a very particular audience. They are smart, cautious and understand business in detail. That is why they only trust communication, which is precise, correct, and reliable, one that speaks their language. Our team has extensive experience in providing effective ongoing investor relations for large public companies, and has supported some of the most significant initial public offerings /IPOs/ in the history of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.

Communication crises management

A communication crisis may threaten a company’s business and destroy the confidence in that company of customers, investors, partners, and employees. Damages may be minimized only with a quick and adequate response, based on excellent preparation. We have extensive experience in providing high level of preparedness and crisis management. Our team’s effectiveness has been proven over the years and we even received recognition of the professional PR community.

Organization of events

Our team has long-standing experience in organizing the full range of corporate events – from media breakfasts and press conferences to full day conferences, official opening ceremonies and cocktails. Thanks to our wide network of outstanding partners we can ensure an exceedingly high level of performance for each event as well as the attendance of journalists from leading media; important business partners; opinion leaders, representatives of business organizations; institutions or NGOs and celebrities.

Event moderation

They say that the good host guarantees at least 50% of an event’s success. The members of our team have contributed to the success of dozens of events, organized by and for international and Bulgarian companies and various institutions. Thanks to our in-depth preparation and understanding of the client’s business, we are capable to moderate skilfully discussions, to address the right questions to the right people, to keep the interest of the audience and thus to contribute to the achievement of the goals of a high-class business event.the

Media and presentation training

Some people communicate very well and get what they want in the tenth minute, and many others lose all chances for the same in the second. Managers who know the rules and techniques for successful communication have a huge business advantage. Our specialized trainings in presentation skills and communication with the media help our clients achieve excellent results in negotiations, presentations, interviews, media events, conferences and cocktails.

Communication Hub

Communication Hub is a hybrid multichannel service, developed by our team and offered to companies with compact communication departments. Its goal is through synergy to increase the effeciency of the corporate communication in all channels: websites, blogs, traditional and social media, etc. Regardless of the format we receive the information, our team shapes and communicates that information effectively via different channels. The system operates following a proven procedure that saves time, protects against errors and provides an effective response to potential crises. Among additional benefits of the Communication Hub due to synergy are reasonable budgets, and minimal level of commitment from the client’s team.