Public Affairs

Every day legislative, governmental and judicial institutions make decisions that may facilitate, but might also threaten the business of companies. Often decisions and policies of Parliament, the bodies of the state and local authorities, and even those of the judiciary may strongly impact the business in some sectors, and of the entire economy. They may indeed support businesses, but can also seriously harm them. That is why successful communication with the institutions is of crucial importance for companies.

Based on our long-standing experience in dealing with the state administration and our in-depth knowledge of how the state and political systems are functioning in our country, we create communication channels and mechanisms for our clients so that their voice is heard by the institutions in the decision-making process.


The Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and the President of "Building Development Holding" Georgi Georgiev opened the WWTP of the city of Haskovo



The Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism Mr. Traycho Traykov and Mr. Bernd Freckmann, CEO of Lufthansa Technik Sofia, signed a contract for co-financing by the Bulgarian government of "Lufthansa Technik Sofia’s Employees Training” project


The Prime Minister Sergei Stanishev officially opened the new hi-tech factory of Wienerberger in Lukovit together with Mr. Wolfgang Reithofer – company’s CEO and Member of the Supervisory Board of Wiener Börse AG



The Deputy Prime Minister Meglena Plugchieva, the Minister of Transport Petar Mutafchiev and HE Michael Gaier, ambassador of the FRG opened the Lufthansa Technik Sofia MRO facility together with Dr. Thomas Stueger , Chief Executive Product and Services of Lufthansa Technik AG and Mr. Bernd Freckmann, CEO of Lufthansa Technik Sofia


The Minister of Environment and Waters Djevdet Chakarov and the mayor of the city of Pazardjik Todor Popov cut the ribbon of the city’s WWTP, built by Building Development Holding

Our team secures for our clients “Event and information monitoring in the area of politics and legislature”. Thus, by means of intelligent monitoring and follow-up of the planned political and legislative initiatives in various fields, we create for our clients a valuable database for strategic business decision-making.

The building up of an Early Warning System, including advising the client in view of potential threats and opportunities, is of paramount importance in creating conditions for the resolution of serious challenges, as well as for securing the highest degree of preparedness to react in the case of potential crisis.

Strategies for broader public support on issues of public interest

Our team is a trusted advisor to its clients this helps them build up a positive reputation and successful communication with the state institutions and hubs of political clout. We carefully analyse the political and institutional situation; we identify the communication options and offer our clients working strategies for achievement of their specific business objectives.

If necessary, we can provide communication support on legal cases by setting up joint teams in conjunction with jurists, and by bringing together a proper mix of juridical and communication experience conducive to successful achievement of the project goals.

Our extensive knowledge of the political environment and our network of contacts with influential political figures, allows us to build up operating bridges of understanding, as well as to navigate political confrontations on key issues, whenever required. Thus our team supports the implementation of public campaigns aiming at a successful impact on decision-making processes related to the business objectives of our clients.

Often in the course of such public campaigns it is of great importance to carry out a successful strategy to secure the stakeholders’ support. Our team has built up a broad network of contacts with individuals holding key positions, public opinion leaders, renowned journalists, NGOs and other bodies with substantial impact in the public domain.

Thanks to our good communication with them, we manage to send the right message through the right channel to the right people at the right time. Thus the projects that we work on become personally committing for the stakeholders and we get understanding and support.

Round table organized by the Bulgarian Petroleum and Gas Association gathered the Minister of Economy Petar Dimitrov and representatives of the leading fuel distributors. Solving issues within the legislative base regulating the production and the distribution of biofuels in Bulgaria was the main goal of the event.

Among the well-proven classical tools that we use are developing of strategic documents, open letters, speeches and statements, exclusive events, round tables, “tête-à-tête” meetings, conferences, cocktail parties and many others. At the same time our team never hesitates to use untypical and untraditional tools such as guerilla marketing, PR 2.0 and е-marketing, and other innovative techniques of modern global communication.

Thus, using the full range of modern communication techniques, we help our clients develop their successful relations with the institutions.