Product Communications

Having a good product is not enough for successful business. You need the clients to know about it. That is why it is necessary to communicate with them. In the trade’s long history advertising has been used for that purpose. Today only advertising is not enough, since the audiences have developed “spam” protectors against its aggressive messages.

PR communication is the way to evade these barriers. It succeeds when advertising faces resistance, it enters clients’ minds without being perceived as advertising because it is more useful, more interesting, and more natural and it is far less boring and aggressive. On the other hand it is more profitable because it is much cheaper.

Classic instruments experience

Our team has long experience in using classic product communications techniques for clients such as BNP Paribas Personal Finance, Bulgaria, Wienerberger, Walmark, Nokia, easyJet, Mars, 2be, Petrol, Goodyear, Henkel etc. To achieve real results we have used many tools – presentations, cocktail parties, press conferences, business breakfasts and other events for media and/or business partners, interviews and feature articles, advertorials, product placement articles, appearances in radio and TV broadcasts, media trips and many others. Regardless of the fact that these services are perceived as “classic” we always manage to escape from the clichés and to offer the client an individual approach and service 100% appropriate for his specific needs, requirements and most of all – delivering visible results for his business.

Original and effective messages

We know that it is impossible to “sell” a business and/or a product if you do not have excellent knowledge about it, and most of all if you do not believe in it. That is why our team spares no time getting deeper into details of the projects we work on. We succeed in catching the product’s “spirit” and getting “personally familiar” with its customers and this helps us to develop original, attractive and, most of all, effective messages towards the clients. Messages which sell!

Innovative channels and instruments

In the new century we have an enormous variety of communications channels which might be used to direct a product message to the potential client. And they change almost daily. The internet innovations, the notebooks and even the “smart phones” constantly develop them and diversify them but at the same time make these channels more complicated. It is indicative that even the so called “conventional media” such as TVs, newspapers, magazines and radios aim to be in line with this process and develop as communication channels investing in active internet portals, blogs and even social networks profiles.

On the other hand, the audience dynamically changes its interest to each communication novelty and thus changes the way it consumes information – for many people the torrent trackers completely replaced the TV and others forgot the press because of internet portals and social networks.

All these trends strongly complicate product communications, but at the same time give a lot of effective opportunities for a product message to be focused on a specific audience at much lower prices than the ones companies are used to paying. These days it is a rarity to see a TV advertisement targeted at a group of 10,000 potential clients.

Our team monitors on a daily basis the complicated contemporary media environment and is capable of communicating effectively within it. And that is not all – we innovatively develop the methods and tools we use, since we realize the importance of new communications channels and we know how to make them work for the business.

In this chaos of information channels we support our clients in achieving their vital task - to direct the right message to the right audience at the “right” price. We achieve this objective utilising all internet’s new advantages and tricks as “new media”, blogs, social networks, forums etc. We even develop new ones!

Coordination within the integrated marketing framework

Our team operates extremely successfully as part of the client’s integrated marketing communications. We do not only plan and implement independent communication campaigns, but also have broad experience of working with advertising agencies and providing PR support to advertising campaigns. Utilising the synergy of PR and advertising techniques we succeed in obtaining the maximum value from the resources invested in a certain product’s communication.