Internal Communications and Employer Branding

Internal communications

The employees are among the most valuable assets of a company. As a rule their productivity relates directly to the motivation they have. Yet, motivation is far from being dependent solely on remuneration.

More often than not it is also a result of the employees’ trust in the management, of their awareness of the company’s present and future status, of their interpersonal and inter-team relations etc. Some of the common issues that “spoil” the environment in many companies are:

  • The messages of the management get lost in the chain of communication;
  • The employees work for the sake of appearances and are neither interested in the company’s successes nor in its troubles;
  • Interpersonal and inter-team relations are burdened with intrigues;
  • It is difficult to recruit and keep good-quality employees.

“Za Nas” /”About Us”/ is the inhouse e-magazine of Building Development Holding. It works as an important internal communication channel, announcing hot company news; presenting people, teams, strategies, plans and providing with overview articles on construction, EU funding, infrastructure politics etc. 


Internal communications may to a great extent help to resolve these challenges and strongly improve the motivation of the employees. In other words, the quality of internal communications has a direct impact on the company’s productivity.

Employer Branding

The popular preferred employers get the best employees. In addition, they get them at the best price. They also save from investment in training since they have a lower turnover of staff.  Why does that happen? Because they are well known for being a nice place to work in.

The CEO of Agrigrowth Investment Fund Ceres Svetlan Stanoev is one of the managers, introduced through the "Careers” supplement of “Capital” Business Weekly




There are other companies that have the ill reputation of being ‘hell’. The employees that join these companies are those that are not wanted anywhere else, and who demand bigger salaries to make the trouble worthwhile. Not to mention the large staff turnover, the endless training of new people, which is not only expensive but also results in low productivity.

Quite often the employer’s reputation is due not only to actual problems, but also to poor internal and external communications. Current employees may promote or ruin their employer’s image using one of the most efficient communication channels – word of mouth. The media can achieve the same, especially if the company gets in their focus as a “black sheep”.

If companies would hire communication consultants for building up their corporate image before clients, business partners, institutions and the public, why wouldn’t they do the same in view of their present and future employees?  The objective is one and the same – to improve productivity and the sustainability and cost-effectiveness of the business.

That is exactly the added value that our services “Internal communications” and “Employer Branding” contribute to our clients’ businesses.


Drawing on our experience and thanks to the broad range of standard and customised services that we offer, we can make a difference in the enhancement of internal communications of our clients, as well as in their positioning as preferred employers.

Internal communications

Being independent experts, we take an unprejudiced look of the company environment and the possible problems and make a reasonable evaluation of what can and should be improved in internal communication. Having analysed the situation, we elaborate a strategy that is focused on achievement of specific objectives and actual outcomes.

Aiming to enhance internal communications we join the company teams, we communicate with them and thus get the pulse of the organisation. We apply strategies and tactics that increase the employees’ trust in the management and the company. Among the other objectives that we achieve are better interpersonal and inter-team communication and increased interest of the employees in the business.

Thus we not only resolve many internal issues, but we are also able to enhance staff inducement and productivity. The ultimate result is that the entire organisation starts functioning in a much smoother fashion, which has an immediate impact on the business results.

Horizonti Magazine is the internal communications channel of Agrigrowth Investment Fund Ceres. It is distributed monthly among the company’s employees, working in the regional clusters all over Bulgaria

We apply a number of standard and non-standard communication channels and tools such as: internal bulletins for employees, employees’ clubs, discussions in Internet forums, amusing competitions for employees, attractive team projects, parties, etc.

Employer Branding

Each company has its pros and cons as an employer. However, for it to become a preferred employer it is important which of these pros and cons will be exposed in the public domain.

Through the profile of Bernd Freckmann, CEO of Lufthansa Technik Sofia, in the column Pro.file of “Careers” supplement of Capital Business Weekly we increased the company’s recognition as major and preferred employer

To this end, it is our job to fairly present the company in a most favourable light before its potential employees. Whenever a company enjoys the reputation of a correct and preferred employer, that always helps not only to recruit the best specialists at a good price, but also to keep the present employees.

To improve the image of our clients we use both classic communication tools such as presentations of the company and its management in the media and in online job portals, and untraditional approaches such as so-called guerrilla marketing techniques, social networks, production and distribution of appealing film-clips and flashes in the internet, involvement in job finding forum discussions, etc.