Corporate Digital Communications - Communication Hub

Communication Hub is a hybrid multichannel communications service developed by Grozdanov Communications Consulting, for leading international and Bulgarian companies. It increases the corporate communication’s efficiency to all target audiences, utilizing various communication channels:

  • Traditional media - print, online and electronic; 
  • "New" media - social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, professional networks as LinkedIn, video channels such as YouTube, etc.; 
  • Company’s own media - corporate website, blog, company editions.
How does it work?

The Communication Hub is a synergic system of tools for multi-channel corporate communication. It operates following proved procedure that saves time, prevents from mistakes and provides effective reactions to potential crises.

The clients provide to us any kind of information - memo, presentation, report, video, etc. Our team analyzes the data and adapts it according to the specificities of the different channels and proposes a communication plan. After the client’s approval, the information is communicated according to the respective multi-channel timing.

The added-value for our customers:

  • Synergy – a message is distributed by one team through all channels to all target audiences, "translated" in their language.
  • Point of contact and feedback from customers and partners.
  • Saves time and money 
  • Security - guaranteed by strict working procedure.


Our team has extensive experience working with both "traditional" and "new" media for companies and organizations such as: BNP Paribas Personal Finance, Bulgaria; Association for Modern Trade; Nestle; Lenovo; HTC and many more. We know the specifics of various communication channels and thus our team achieves high results in return of optimal budget and minimum commitment from the customer.

Multi-channel communication

Each communication channel has its own specifics. Their knowledge ensures results achievements. Such specifics might be - text length, writing style, and timing – when the information to be distributed in order to reach as much as possible of the target audience. Visualizations in different channels should be precisely selected in order to deliver the right message to the right target audiences. And last but not least, is the type of communication - corporate, product, promotional, HR, etc.

What results might be achieved with properly presented information in different channels:

  • A well-written press release attracts the attention of journalists from "traditional" media.
  • Facebook posts might lead up to huge benefits in return of optimum budget.
  • Smartly embedded links in blog texts generate traffic to the website.
  • Infographics spread "virally" on the Internet.
  • The updated LinkedIn profile increases the confidence of partners and future employees.