We at Grozdanov Communications Consulting know that the team makes the difference between the best in business and the rest. This is why we employ the best communications consultants who are capable to deliver high-quality exclusive services to a limited number of major clients.

The non-conventional experience and „out of the box” thinking are leading factors when we recruit people. We are looking for motivated and active professionals with business background and profound knowledge on the Bulgarian media and political environment. We highly appreciate the successful local and international consulting experience and the ability to communicate effectively with various audiences.

In return for these skills and qualifications Grozdanov Communications Consulting provides its experts with remuneration package which directly stimulates the good results. We believe that our people should feel the effect of their efforts. This way we build a team of leaders and not of followers.

If you are the described consultant and wish to join our team, send us your CV and application letter.


“First you invest in image, and then it pays off to you.”

- PR rule


“A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.”

- Lao Tzu


The companies every day face their audiences’ trial and their verdict has been sealed no matter if they plead or not.


“The tongue does not have bones, but is a bone breaker."

- Bulgarian proverb


"I don't do business with people I don't trust”

- Warren Buffet


"Each company deserves its shareholders."

- Warren Buffet


„If something is not covered by the media, it has never happened.”

- PR rule