Grozdanov Communications Consulting is a consulting company specialized in strategic business communications.

The philosophy which differentiates our agency’s business model is that our team provides services based on the combination of:
- Economic education;
- Profound knowledge of many business sectors in Bulgaria;
- More than 10 years experience with dozens of major international and Bulgarian companies;
- Servicing according to international consulting standards.

This resource of knowledge, experience and know-how allows us to offer the business the entire spectrum of strategic communications services, which considerably exceed the usual ones expected from a “PR agency”.

Our portfolio includes all classic PR services, but what differentiates us from our competitors, is our experience and specialization in the strategic business communication services.

With this complete set of communication instruments we are able to offer effective relations with all target audiences/stakeholders whose trust and support are vital for a major company’s business development:
- Clients
- Business partners
- Institutions
- Investors
- Employees
- Opinion leaders
- Media

Thus Grozdanov Communications Consulting provides its clients – leading Bulgarian and international companies – with all aspects of communications which might be necessary to support their sustainable business growth and expected added value realization.


“First you invest in image, and then it pays off to you.”

- PR rule


“A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.”

- Lao Tzu


The companies every day face their audiences’ trial and their verdict has been sealed no matter if they plead or not.


“The tongue does not have bones, but is a bone breaker."

- Bulgarian proverb


"I don't do business with people I don't trust”

- Warren Buffet


"Each company deserves its shareholders."

- Warren Buffet


„If something is not covered by the media, it has never happened.”

- PR rule